Download the latest version of Bizplexus from the homepage and follow the instructions provided to install the system. The system is in "trial mode" by default, which means that you can only create a limited number of records. To remove this limitation, purchase a license key from our onlinestore.

System Requirements

Bizplexus works well with cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting services. Most of them already meet the system requirements by default. Some examples are 1and1, Amazon EC2, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Liquid Web, RackSpace, and Check the requirements below before you proceed with the installation:

  • Server: HTTP or HTTPS, Apache with mod_rewrite enabled

  • PHP Version: 7.1, Ioncube enabled (Contact Support if using PHP 7.2)

  • PHP Extensions: cURL (Google Analytics), GD (image management), IMAP (email access), Open SSL (Facebook Connect), and SOAP (InterFAX)

  • Database: MySQL 5.0 or greater

  • Browser: Chrome (Recommended), Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari

Bizplexus can be used on your computer as a standalone system that doesn't require Internet access. This version comes with some limitations and is best used by an individual person on one computer. Contact Support if you want to use Bizplexus this way. We can provide a desktop version bundled with a localhost server consisting of Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and MySQL database. You can run the system on any computer with the following resources:

  • Desktop/Laptop OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10

  • Available Diskspace: 200 MB minimum

System Customization

There are times when you may want to make some changes to the system. We can provide a customized version of Bizplexus to meet your specific needs. Please submit detailed information, including screenshots, to Support for a quote. We will do our best to make the system work better for you.